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    October 31, 2012
    6:00 - 7:00pm EDT  

after the storm. it's clear many people will not be able to go home any time soon. good evening. >> here are up-to-the-minute details on the impact of hurricane sandy. at least 62 people are now dead in the storm's wake. about 6 million homes and businesses across the northeast are still without power. that's down from 8.5 million at the storm's peak. >> president barack obama was in new jersey joined by governor christie. the president told the people there in his words, we're going to be here for the long haul. >> it was back to school today for most of the students in our area. many kids from maryland to virginia returned to classes. a few schools remained closed because of lingering power outages. >> some of the worst damage we've seen has been along the new jersey shore. tonight, we have a report from kingsburg, new jersey. the police there say about 70%
of that area is under water. jim ronfield has our report from there. jim? >> reporter: kingsburg is on a long list tonight of bayshore communities in crisis. a little progress to report about that water you referenced. we've seen it receding here on beachway. a lot of debris left behind and this storm has left behind scars to last a lifetime. three days post sandy and kingsburg, new jersey is still like other bayshore communities -- in crisis mode. roads still have standing water, sand and debris. homes bear fresh scars of the sudden invasion. >> i didn't believe the destruction. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: emotions, raw at the sight of so much loss. >> it was beautiful. and everything was new because
we just -- we just moved in -- well, we just closed. so new couch, new fridge. >> reporter: elizabeth can trace the path, the beach and bay water took right through her brand new ground floor. this whole row of homes in binges during inundated about 7:40 monday night when the berm gave way, sending water about a mile into town here. >> a lot of memories wiped out here. >> reporter: across town, the surge wiped out kingsburg's famous amusement park. a family owned operation, three generations old. >> 1904 my grandfather had a vision and he developed this as a resort area and amusement area. well, as you can look around you, it's taken a significant hit. it's happened before. we've had terrible devastation, but he rebuilt it.
and true to his vision, i'll rebuild it and make it happen. >> reporter: we've seen him out here and he told me this afternoon, what have i been doing? picking up the pieces. some of the rides, other items and bringing them back over to his park. look at this. this is a children's ride that just got pushed through the building out on the street. the wheel of fortune game, all around you just look and there's debris everywhere. what's this? a pot, the front of a microwave oven. it just goes on forever. there is no power here tonight, jim and doreen. and folks just don't know when it will be restored. or when they're going to be able to get back to any sense of normalcy. but we've been happen to report, because no one else has been out here yet.
they know they're not alone, because so many jersey shore communities are in the same boat, but he was feeling like hey, does anybody know what we're dealing with here? so that's a little slice of our day today. back to you. >> glad you were able to do that, jim. thanks. an awful lot of devastation there and throughout the jersey coast. a developing story out of annapol annapolis, maryland. fire officials say a contractor was killed when a tree fell on him just outside the naval academy. that man was part of a crew removing trees damaged by the storm. one tree behind a house fell at about 1:00 this afternoon and the workers with pinned and he died at the scene. today, governor o'malley got a look at the damage caused by sandy to maryland's eastern shore. you can see some of the streets
and neighborhoods are still dealing with flooding conditions. the governor visited a shelter where some people have been since sunday. and more signs of recovery from the strong winds that took down so many trees and powerlines. crews were out in the beverly hills neighborhood of alexandria removing trees. tisha thompson is live there with more on the progress they've made. tisha? >> reporter: you're seeing just piles of limbs. this is a former street light. they've managed to put a new light in here, but they have had eight houses that have had trees come through them just in alexandria city alone. and two of them were just yards away from each other. tree removal crews are working overtime along this stretch in alexandria. >> the tree hit and it was boom. it just shook the whole house.
i actually jumpd under a little table, like that was going to do any good. >> reporter: peter said he asked his crew to come as soon as possible. in an effort to keep his home from being condemned. >> it's a five-ton tree, 55 feet tall and it was a healthy red oak. it just blew over, and was leaping on the house. when the city came, they said you've got to get this tree off or you can't live here. >> reporter: two houses down, his neighbor wasn't as lucky. >> i'm homeless. i'm a realtor and i have no home. >> reporter: her home has been condemned but she's still here to deal with a growing list of people. >> meet the insurance people and the electrical contractors and the tree people and the insurance adjustors and the code enforcement people, the police have been in and out. so it's sort of a litany of people to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. >> reporter: it cost $5,000 just
to remove each tree. after, that she said she'll worry about the five other giant trees covering the rems of her yard, making this the worst storm she's seen since she moved in 21 years ago. >> yeah, this is bad. probably the worst. >> reporter: the great irony for her, she says, is she has a second home in rehoboth beach. that home is just fine. this is what you're seeing. people are getting ready for trick or treating. even a downed tree and that former police tape, that's become part of the decorations. so reporting here live in alexandria, tisha thompson, news4. in frederick, maryland flooding is still a problem for a second day. a number of roads are impassable there, after the heavy rains caused the river to overflow. what that means for a lot of people there is lengthy detours for residents.
there are a lot of fallen trees that have taken down wires, as well. in some areas people are in their third day without power. officials say the windy roads mean repairs take longer than normal. the colder weather is in on us now and dg has a look at whate have now and what we can expect. doug? >> we can expect our days to get better. today, we saw a little bit of sunshine and the clouds rolled back in. sandy still around. rotating around our region, just up to the north and west of us, making its way to the north and east. it will bring a slight chance of a sprinkle or shower. what about halloween? your trick or treating forecast tonight? temperatures, 46 to 50 degrees. it will be a little on the chilly side. so just know that as you send the kids out for kanldz yesterday. we'll be right back.
thank you, doug. a man is dead after an accident on the outer loop of the beltway. 44-year-old qualmy abon was killed in the crash about 5:15 a.m. investigators say his car was rear ended by a car and hit by a truck. the cause is still under vestigation. nobody else was hurt. grief counselors were called in at seneca valley high school after a 15-year-old student was hit and killed on her way to school. police say christina morris-ward was killed while trying to cross germantown road just before 7:00 this morning. pat collins is at the scene with reaction from the teenager's mother and one of her best friends. pat? >> reporter: it's a walk many teens take every day. she was just two blocks away from school when she was struck and killed by a car.
at the scene today, i talked to her mom. >> it's unbelievable. i just can't believe my daughter is not here. >> reporter: at the place where her daughter died this morning. 15-year-old christina morris ward killed on her way to school. it happened around 7:00 at the intersection of germantown road and wisteria drive. police say that christina was struck by a white ford car. they say the 27-year-old driver of the car remained on the scene. this is not an easy crossing. there are seven lanes of traffic and a median strip. it's unclear as to where christina was when this happen. but police say it appears the driver of the car had the right of way. >> investigators told me they believe the car had the solid green signal. >> reporter: christina morris ward was a 10th grader at seneca
valley high. at the school, i talked to her classmate and best friend. >> i'm just sad, because that's my best friend. i didn't want her to go. it hurts. >> reporter: what are you going to remember most about her? >> her laugh, her coming over to my house, me going over her house. everything. >> reporter: back at the accident scene, words of caution from christina's mother. >> i just want all the kids out here walking to school to make sure that they're careful and pay attention to their surroundings. this is a high volume area and things the happen around here all the time and just didn't think it would happen to my b y baby. >> reporter: no charges have been filed in the case. it could take some time to complete the investigation.
live in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. coming up, fires devour homes in the wake of hurricane sandy, and there's nothing firefighters can do about it. financial markets reopened today after the longest weather shutdown in more than 100 years. and early voting lines started outside the building and extended to the inside of the building and then once inside, kept on going. some reports of folks waiting for as long as three hours. picture from the super storm continue to come in. trees and powerlines down in virginia. flooding along the tarmac at dulles. [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney
would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
earlier in our broadcast, we had a report from jim rosenfield in bingesburg, new jersey. much of the jersey shore was
destroyed. fired fueled by natural gas destroyed more than a dozen homes on that island town. sand and debris are covering the roads and firefighters cannot get close enough to battle the flames. emergency management officials say the houses were destroyed two days ago when sandy hit and those fired flared up again last night. president obama saw firsthand what it would take to restore the hundreds of miles of shoreline devastation in new jersey. jay gray is live in toms river, new jersey, with a new look at the damage there. jay? >> reporter: it's a mess that hundreds of thousands are trying to work through along the atlantic sea board. you can see the checkpoints here. only emergency personnel getting across this bridge, because there's so much devastation. it's the start to what is sure to be a long and difficult recovery process. the images are overwhelming. the sheer scope of the disaster
unimaginable. >> we're see thing very common sight here, up and down the coastline in the area. >> reporter: further north to rhode island, where homes were splintered or picked up and pushed to the middle of the street. president obama joined new jersey's governor touring the devastation. an overwhelming firsthand look at what sandy left behind. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget, we will follow up to make sure you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> this is the worst storm i've seen in my lifetime in this state. but we cannot permit that sorrow to replace our resilience. >> reporter: in many areas, city streets are still rivers. cars useless. boats and kayaks now the only way to get around. support is slowly moving in. this caravan providing help and hope to those stranded over the bridge in seaside heights, new
jersey. many who lived through the storm, still struggling to survive. >> we don't have a place to live. we're staying with friends and family, but that only lasts so long. we're running out of food and everything. >> reporter: in new york city, many of the subways are still under water. limited service could come back thursday. more than 100 homes swallowed by flames in breezy point, queens. winds preventing firefighters from battling the blaze. millions in the strike zone beginning a difficult recovery and clinging tight to anything sandy left behind. and there are still so many just waiting for that opportunity, including many of the hardest hit here. they are still locked down tonight and likely won't be allowed back in until this weekend. i'm jay gray, now back to you.
today after marketing closed for two days because of hurricane sandy. it was the longest weather related closure of the stock exchange since the 1880s. after a good start, stocks struggled to break even. sandy could cost $15 million in insurance losses alone. and as we have been reporting, a lot of that damage was not insured. so it is just -- just takes your breath away, the scope of this. >> we're just now getting to places. there are places we're just going to continue seeing these pictures. >> people are still trapped by the flood waters. >> right. we're not even close to being done. for us, the danger is flooding still in some places. >> the good news with that is, the flood waters here are beginning to come down. so things are calming down for us.
but no major flooding around the potomac and that's good news. towards national harbor, you can see what i'm talking about here. could be some flooding once again in some of those flood areas around alexandria. but that's going to be about it, i think, and should not be quite as bad as we what we last time. as far as what we're seeing right now, 52 degrees is the current temperature. we are continuing to deal with the clouds and that's going to be the case over the next couple of days. we're going to see clouds and i think we're start to see an increase in sun just about each day. nothing to show you in our region. could be a few sprinkles. here's one in prince george's county towards anap linapoliann. that's about it. flood warnings in parts of loudoun and fairfax county and along the potomac. i expect most of these to be
dropped tonight or tomorrow. so that's good news, too. the satellite and radar showing just how big a system this is. it goes back to the west of chicago, all the way out into the open waters of the atlantic and it's caused damage just about everywhere, including canada. this is out of toronto, and this is a very familiar sight for us. yeah, even up towards toronto, canada, sandy making a mess of things as winds were gusting upwards of tropical storm even up there. amazing pictures. the entire northeast portion of north america hit by this storm. temperatures, 52 here, 47 in martinsburg, 47 in winchester. so it's going to be very cool if you're going out with the kids to do some trick or treating, your evening forecast looks like this. mostly cloudy, breezy and cool.
temperatures 45 to 50 degrees. breezy, 5 to 10 miles per hour. and any time you're in the mid 40s, it will feel a little cooler. tomorrow, starting off a little better. partly cloudy, maybe some sunshine in parts of the area. 35 to 41. tomorrow afternoon, we will see more sunshine as the system continues to spin and move off towards the north and east. continued cool but looking better. 52 to 57. winds out of the west at 10 to 20. winds could guest over 20 miles per hour friday and saturday. low temperatures in the 30s both days. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures only in the mid 50s. so we're going to be quite cool for some time. i was looking at the next ten days, it looks like it's going to be on the cool side.
you notice that big clock on sunday. what does that mean? well, that means -- >> the longest weekend of the year. >> yes. it used to be a lot more to me in my 20s. but we have to set our clocks back saturday night. daylight saving time and the sun goes down on sunday at 5:05 at night. >> that's always a hard monday following that. thank you, doug. coming up tonight, a new sign of the violence and growing tensions in the middle east. souper storm sandy moves on, but the effects are affecting election plans. the wizards struggled in their season opener. and how about some love for the resident lumber back? anncr: it's said that character is what we do...
when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
violence erupted in tunisia overnight when protesters attacked a police station. one of the protesters was killed and three officers injured. the hardline islamist group was protested the arrest of a man that was accused of attacking a police chief with a knife. the government has pledged a crackdown on violence since the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. president obama put his campaign on hold today to tour areas of the new jersey coast ravaged by hurricane sandy. but the race to the white house rolls on. >> right now, republican candidate mitt romney is courting voters in florida. steve handlesman with our report now. >> reporter: president obama set out to survey hurricane damage in new jersey, six days before the election, still no campaign.
mitt romney campaigned in tampa, sympathizing with the victims of sandy. >> the kind of trauma you experienced here in florida more than once. and it's interesting to see how people come together. >> reporter: he pivoted to the election. >> people coming together is also what's going to happen i believe on november 7. >> reporter: the race in florida is closer, 48% to 47%. but in ohio, it's still a five-point obama advantage in the most important state. and in new jersey, the president got a boost that could help him in all the swing states. more praise for his storm response from romney backer republican governor chris chr t christie. >> i've instituted a 15-minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor, governor, county officials. if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> it's been a great working
relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do. i cannot think the president enough. >> i want to thank him for his extraordinary leadership. >> reporter: better than any speech or tv ad, to lead in a crisis and have political opponents offer praise. but that sword is double edged. and if fema stum b -- stumbles, it's sure to hurt the president. early voting is back on in maryland. today, the governor cast his vote in baltimore. election officials say so far, about 162,000 people have voted early in the state, ahead of the pace in 2010. there were long lines at just about every polling site in prince george's county today. the lines started the moment the doors opened this morning.
most of the voters we talked with did not seem to mind the wait. tracee wilkins has more. >> reporter: i don't know if it was cabin fever or not, but take a look at this line. that's beyond the trick or treaters there, that's how it's been all day since 8:00 a.m., folks lined up and waiting and from that point, the wait is about two hours long. but there are folks who have been standing in line for a lot longer than that. lines, lines and more lines. at every polling station we visited in prince george's county, we saw anxious, early voters waiting. you were thinking the as soon as the storm is over with? >> exactly. >> reporter: and there's a lot for voters to consider. >> not only is it a presidential election that is on the ballot, we also have very important ballot questions on marriage equality and expanded gaming. >> reporter: so we asked, is it
local or national issues driving them to wait two, and in some cases -- >> three hours. >> reporter: three hours? >> yeah. but it's worth it. >> reporter: with all the ads, most voters told us gambling expansion and same-sex marriage weren't at the top of their agenda when it came to early voting. >> voting for the president to be re-elected. >> i voted for barack obama. yeah. >> reporter: for the presidential election, it means more than the questions or would you they -- >> that's the most important issue on my agenda. but other items that you can vote for, it's like question seven. those are important, as well. >> seven and six. >> reporter: voters in maryland will have extended hours and an extra day to vote. and these lines are expected to continue. >> there is a duty to vote. and we encourage every citizen to make sure that they get here 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
>> reporter: according to the board of elections, they've had 20,000 people take advantage of early voting so far. that's not including today's numbers. if you're in line by 9:00, you'll be able to vote no matter how long the line is. fairfax county is extending in-person absentee voting hours in the wake of sandy. from now to friday, you can cast ballots until 8:00 at night. the last day is saturday when voting center also be open from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. walking to school this morning when she was hit and killed by a car. christina morris-ward was hit crossing germantown road on her way to seneca valley high school. the driver involved stopped and
stayed at the scene. police say it appears that the driver had the right of way. cleanup in the aftermath of sandy is under way in northern virginia. in some communities, roads are still blocked. adam is in fairfax county where neighbors are having trouble getting around. >> reporter: at some of these smaller secondary roads in northern virginia, like this one, you still can't get by. but the problem isn't flooding, it's trees and downed powerlines. trees leaning and down. some on homes, powerlines crisscross streets and dangle dangerously in front yards. the caution tape up. the generators running to power the homes. kept has lived here in lake barcroft for about 30 years. no power in his home now. and he's not alone. >> there's nobody here. and this lady is -- last i checked, over 100.
>> reporter: his 100-year-old neighbor is francis. she's lucky enough to have a daughter that lives five houses down with power. she's staying here now. a warm comfort now that the nights are getting cold. >> considering my age, i think i'm doing okay. >> reporter: you hope to get back into your house as soon as possible? >> i hope so. i would like to get back into a heated house. >> reporter: no word when this road will open back up or the power back on. coming up tonight, local rivers dangerous after the storm. some people want to know is the tap water safe to drink? and a scam in maryland in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> sandy still spinning around. i'll tell you when we may finally see that all-important sunshine when we return.
after a disaster, we often see scams pop up. thieves posting as utility workers, preying on the elderly. police told our news4 i-team it's happened twice in bethesda and chevy chase and asking for neighbors to look out for each other. >> one worker went with the homeowner down stairs to the basement, while the other individual went upstairs and stole some jewelry. in the second case, we had a neighbor watch this and intervene. >> police say you should always ask to see i.d. before letting a utility worker into your home. and if you're suspicious, tell them no and call 911. >> at the height of a storm, some overloaded sewage facilities dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into local rivers and streams. in the wake of the storm, leaders in the d.c. area are warning people to stay out of rivers and creeks in the area.
but those officials insist the water is safe to drink. roim boats daring to be on the potomac risk damage from floating debris. and rivers have been flooded with raw sewage dumped from overloaded sewage systems, polluting the river. >> rather than adding overflows in neighborhoods, when the pipe fills, we allow by the design of the system overflows to the river. >> reporter: tuesday, about 2 million gallons every hour was released into the waterways. with all the debris in the water and the sewage overflows in the rivers, some people are wondering if the tap water in our houses is safe the use and drink. >> there are no problems with public drinking water in this region. we have safe and adequate drinking supplies. >> you can e-mail your
questions. >> reporter: on wtop radio wednesday, they also declared their water safe. >> so the water supply, drinking water is safe in montgomery and prince george's county. >> reporter: george hawkins says the district is spending nearly $3 billion in the coming years to better handle storm water and sewage. but he says it's just best to stay out of local rivers and streams. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> that was a bit startling. be careful out there. talking a little football. we'll find out who the red skin's resident lumberjack is. and robert griffin iii is drawing comparisons to another heisman trophy winner. anncr: washington's revolving door.
george allen's made a career of it. politicians go in. corporate lobbyists come out. in the senate, allen took money from big corporate interests... voting their way... for tax breaks for companies that ship virginia... jobs overseas. when we voted him out, allen cashed in.
now allen wants another round. supporting a plan that will cost us more jobs. virginia can't trust george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
welcome back. take a look at some of the
pictures. just more pictures from sandy around our region, with many of these houses damaged by the trees across our area. we want to see your pictures, too. if you still have pictures you haven't shown, end them in to us. out there right now, current temperature at 52 degrees as sandy continues to pull away. 52, sends out of the south at 7 miles per hour. 50 in rockville. 46 already in gaithersburg. 49 in reston and 50 in camp springs. we're looking at no rain across the area. this is not rain around the region, so don't worry about that. it's called ground clutter. what does it mean to you? nothing! 55 in washington. 54 in frederick. this is tomorrow afternoon. we'll see mostly cloudy skies, we'll start the day off with sunshine and clouds back in during the afternoon.
we'll talk much more about this over the next couple of days. back towards the west, still seeing some snow back towards garrett county. some locations, two, three, even four feet of snow and numerous trees down. they oar having big problems. our problems starting to get out of our way. the several-day forecast is coming up. it is an often used phrase, a must-win. does it apply? >> i think so. when you play a 1-6 team and you're favored for the first time in a while and you have a bye week coming up, this is a game they have to have. when you look at robert griffin iii, there's a lot of similarities on paper with the carolina panthers quarterback.
last year, cam newton was very a record setting year. experts raved that he was revolutionizing the position. he set an nfl record for quarterbacks with 14 rushing touchdowns. sounds familiar, doesn't it? this year, they are going into the redskins' game on sunday with a 1-6 record, and all that shine from his rookie season has worn off. perhaps one reason, the redskins' quarterback robert griffin iii doesn't really buy into comparisons. >> it's just something that the media is going to play into, both of us being a similar style quarterback with different qualities to each other. but it's not my job to try to compare. so i'll let you guys continue to do that. like i told people many, many times, i'm not going to play him, i'm going to be playing his defense. i would be compared to a guy like aaron rodgers, someone who has won super bowls. you want to win.
that's our biggest goal and that's what this game is about. it's not about me versus cam w newt newton, it's about getting the win. >> does he ever say anything wrong? >> not yet. >> i think he went to some sort of media training. he says the perfect thing every time. >> i they have it's natural. >> he was playing college ball a year ago. >> he's just got it. >> he's so smart and everything he says is right on point. the redskins have lost their fair share of players on both sides of the ball, but the next man up mentality is alive and well. offensively, the loss of fred davis means unheralded logan paulson moved into the starting tight end role, something he never expected would happen. >> i thought my role was going to be a backup and spot duty and maybe a second string guy at some point and thankfully i'm here and this is my third season
and i've been able to stick around. >> reporter: what is it that w logan brings to the snabl >> just that lumberjack style. he's a hard worker. logan has been that kind of a guy. he's a workhorse. >> reporter: it's not right that you call him a lumberjack because he looks like one. >> it's not right, but he plays the game like one. i like his look, i like all that. he's that old school tight end. this day and age, you've got tight ends that they're mixed with a little wide receiver here and there. logan is a true old school tight end. you throw any pass to him, he'll pass it or block anybody. >> nobody will ever mistake logan paulson for a tweenor. >> i don't think so. >> of any kind.
>> that's good stuff. >> did you like the helmets? they were wearing the throwback uniforms this weekend and the look is like an old leather helmet look. >> i hope nothing like the steelers. >> much better than the steelers. d.c. united will host the first leg of their playoff series with the new york red bulls. game one saturday night at rfk stadium. and the nettles were supposed to host the knicks in brooklyn tonight, but that's been postponed. the wizards left d.c. early. the wizards missing this guy, john wahl out with a knee injury until around thanksgiving. first quarter, down by unon the break. a.j. price over to the rookie bradley biehl.
he had eight points. jordan crawford has never met a shot he didn't like and hep's going to make this one. he led the way with just 11 points for the wizards. and kyrie erving, nice spin move right there. pass to anderson varejao. cleveland ends the game on a 20-8 run. cavaliers win 94-84. afterwards, the head coach searching for answers. >> i don't know if we tried to do too much. tried to be somebody we weren't. that wasn't the team i've seen in the last four weeks. i don't know if it's the first game, execution, offense. you forecast we were doing things out on the floor that i didn't ever see any of these guys do before. >> and not in a good way. the home opener saturday night
against the boston celtics. back to football for a moment. delang low hall was ejected sunday for arguing with a referee. last night, jay leno decided to have some fun with it. >> anybody catch the redskins/steelers game the other day? de'angelo hall got right in the ref's face and he received the harshest penalty i've ever seen. >> there we go. we have a wrestling match. you can see he reached for his flag right there. >> there are two fouls on number 23. unsportsmanlike conduct and a foul against an official. both 15-yard penalties and the player ejected from the game. also, he will be banned from strip clubs for a period of six weeks. and he will be forced to drive a
prius. until further notice, he will not be allowed to date a kardashian. first down. [ laughter ] >> thanks for sharing that. >> tough penalties. >> we need a laugh. thank you, dan. coming up, super heroes doing some good deeds this halloween.
hard to remember for some of us, but it's halloween. downed trees and powerlines are not stopping trick or treaters tonight. parents are keeping a watchful eye as their children navigate the streets in arlington tonight. and the search for some answers after a woman is shot and killed while out walking her dog. and the cleanup continues after that super storm sandy. a look at how some people are coping and rebuilding and we'll take you to one of the area's
most popular halloween spots. that's on news4 at 11:00. >> final check showing that things are going to be pretty much the same as far as temperatures go over the next 7 to 10 days. so if you thought today was chilly, it's going to stay there, but i think we'll see more sunshine. 55 for a high tomorrow. 54 on your friday. rather breezy friday and saturday. temperatures in the mid 50s. many of you will be in the low 50s, upper 40s for a time. the coldest case friday and saturday. but with sunshine, it will be better and we'll be seeing saturday night into sunday. do not forget to set your clocks back as we set back an hour, which means an extra hour of sleep. >> there's something to look forward to. >> finally. >> thank you, doug. today is a tough halloween for lots of people, for lots of reasons, including kids in naples florida who are sick in the hospital.
but the workers did what they could to put a smile on their faces today. some window washers dressed up as spiderman, superman and batman while scaling the building. they did their jobs in the super hero costumes to cheer up the kids who weren't able to go trick or treating and cheered up some people on the street below, as well. >> go, superman. >> one final thing about halloween tonight, don't be coming to my house if you're 16, 17 years old. because what i got for you is some apple cider that is about 13 years old. try that. cut that out.
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